Monday, August 4, 2014

Not a Felicitation to Ravi

He is a humble man!
Agreed to come for the get together with the fellow members of the Club.
RIPE Ravi did not want it to be called a felicitation.
Ravi with PP Nirmali

Rtn. Cader, Sarav and Lucille

Pubudu and Kumudu

Prasad N, and Nimal

Shanaz, Meena and Kaushik

Sriyani, Ranjini, Vindya and Laurel


Hush, Arun  and Nimal

Amity, Senake and Prasad



Ashvini and Nithi with Aroshi

Gulam, Ravi and Nirmali

Majid and Ravi

Sujatha, amity, Sriyani, Ranjini, Mumtaz, Begum, Hasanthi, Shirley and Kamala
As Usual the ladies corner 

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