Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Thanks to the dedication of Ann Shanthi for repairing the toilets at the Day Care Centre at Rasenthirakulam, Vavuniya, the children now have a clean toilet.

This day care centre is situate in a remote village called Rasenthirakulam about 15 km from the Vavuniya town.  There are 28 to 30 children attending this day care centre on an average every year.  They come from very poor families, from the ages of 3 to 6, a mix of boys and girls.  The mothers leave them here at 7 am, and collect them around 1 pm, while they do some  farm work close by.  There are two teachers  in charge of these kids, and they are taught, English, tamil, arts and crafts, and a bit of dancing too.  These children are a mix of Muslims,   Christians and Hindus.  They are given a mid day snack comprising of cow pea,  mung beans, manioc etc.  Funding is provided on a monthly basis by a few of us, and the rest is supported by the church. With a few friends, Rtn Upali and Ann Shanthi De Silva has been visiting this place regularly over the past several years.

Due to lack of funding, basics such as decent toilet facilities are not available. What exists are a few broken down, dirty toilets which do not even have doors.  Since Water and Sanitation are one of the priorities for the Rotary Club of Colombo, Shanthi wanted to carry out this project as her contribution to the Club this year and she did a fund raiser on her own to collect some funds to do up the toilets.  She had  an afternoon of activities in our apartment party room  and  was able to collect 225,000/-.  With these funds she went ahead with the toilet work.  The toilets were colour washed and tiled,  squatting pans were replaced with new ones and 2 new doors fixed. The building where the children study and play was also in a very bad shape.  So with the balance money it is now being colour washed.  Below pictures from Rtn Upali and Shanthi's inspection visit in 17th August.
Toilet before repair

Toilet after repair

Outside area after repair

The next project at this centre will be to get a tube well done, as the present well goes dry during certain months, and to provide pipe borne water which is currently not available.

Meeting of 12th August,2016

Proposing a Toast to the RC Singapore.

New Member Rtn. Subashini, rec receiving ieving the Member Pin, from the President. Mohammed

Rotarian PP Mahanama receiving a certificate of appreciation for his dedication to Rotary work from President Mohammed

Rtn Fayaz Hudha receiving a letter of appreciation for his dedicated services towards Rotary Work from the President Mohammed

Rtn Saravanan receiving a letter of appreciation for his dedicated services towards Rotary Work from the President Mohammed

Monday, August 8, 2016

Rotarian NIshard Dissanayake- 3 months Rememberance

Rotarian Nishard Dissanayake is a member of the Rotary Club of Colombo. He was actively involved in Community Service project throughout his membership. We pray for him to attain Nibbana.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


The Annual New Generations Orientation Program

The Rotary Club Of Colombo conducts an orientation program the New Generations Clubs under its perview annually. This year the two Rotaract Clubs were also included apart from the five Interact Clubs. The event was held on 30th July 2016 at the DHPL Building Auditorium from 8.30am – 2.00pm.

The morning keynote was done by Rtn. Samantha Rajapakse who spoke on “The impact of strong leadership”, which was followed by each of the clubs briefly presenting their plans for the year. An ice breaker sessions which brought together all the participants were done by Rtn. Andrew Samuel. The afternoon keynote was done by Rtn. Mahanama Dodampegama who spoke on “The Project Life Cycle: from detailed planning to reporting and close of a project”. The key event of the orientations session was the workshop sessions, which was carried out as follows;

1) Presidents : Rtn. Mohammed Abidally
2) Secretaries : Rtn. Nithi Murugesu
3) Treasurer : Rtn. Sujatha Nadesan
4) Editor / PR : Rtn. Sriyan De Silva Wijeratne
5) Community Service : Rtn. Majid Cader
6) Club Service : Rtn. Mahanama Dodampegma
7) International Service : Rtn. Kumudu Warnakularuriya
8) Finance : Rtn. Chandima Gunawardena

The participants included ; Rotaract Club Of Colombo (07), Colombo Regent (05), Interact Club of Stafford International School (06), St. Paul’s Girls School (06), Muslim Ladies College (07), Royal College (06) and Bishop’s College (11). In total 12 Rotarians participated which included apart from the above named Rtn. Fayaz Hudah, Rtn. Asmath Iqbal, Rtn. Laurel Mathew and Rtn. Nishan Silva who performed the role of Master Of Ceremonies.

Rtn Samantha Rajapakse delivers the keynote speech on the impact of strong leadership
Ice breaker  session by Rtn Andrew Samuel - memory game
Ice breaker fun - making the longest line
Fully energised with the ice breakers - Thanks Rtn Andrew and Ann Hasanthi

Group Photo of Interactors and Rotaractors with Rotarians
PP Mahanama speaks on "The Project Lifecycle"
VP Kumudu talks on International Understanding
Interactors speak on their learning experience

Chairman Fayaz gives awards pins to to leaders

Rtr President Nilushika from the Rotaract Club of Colombo Regent collects her pin from Chairman Fayaz

Rtn Asmath delivers the vote of thanks
The event was well received and the feedback received was excellent with the Rotaractors too appreciating the opportunity to participate and make new linkages with the Rotary family.

Medical Tests for Blood Sugar and Blood Preassure

We tested over 200 persons at Moratuwa Soysa Pura for Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure of whom we found about 15% with high sugar levels and 10% high blood pressure.
Rotians Laurel, Saravanan and Rohan was present.
Coordinated by Shantha

Rotary International