Saturday, September 7, 2013

Water Purification School 3 Katiyawa Thakshila Vidyalaya

 This school was marked to be close down but with the strength of the Principal Mr.Balasuriya

Rajiv spoke to the Crowd

The kids

One of the units

The school children

The creative oil lamp

The Principal

Daya Opening the filters

A child drawing the water

Divisional Education Director

Provincial Council member

Daya and Rajiv donating a computer

What briefly says in the poem in the board is,

"Heart felt Gratitude to Rotary will show from the smiles on our faces.
It is like giving a water to quench a thirst."

Yes they often went without drinking water as they knew that the water was contaminated.

How grateful they are!

This is a true smile of JOY!

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