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Heart Surgery 13th Jan, 2011

15 January 2011

Rtn Dinal Peiris

Rotary Club of Colombo

Mr Gamini Nanayakkara


Dear Sirs,

Yanushika from Sri Lanka, 12 years, female, suffering TOF underwent open heart surgery at Escorts Hospital on 13 Jan 2011.

Her father Hemantha is 35 tears of age and his wife is 32. They are resident in a rural village in the central country of Sri Lanka at Koslande, Haputalle in the district of Badulla.

He is self employed as a motor mechanic and his average income is under US $ 80 per month. His wife got accidentally shot on her arm. These are trap guns fixed in the jungle to catch wild pigs and deer. She can use only one hand for her domestic work.

Yanushika had problem of a tumour in her head which was successfully operated. at the Badulla hospital. The heart problem was detected about 3 months ago and had been treated at the Lady Ridgeway chilldrens hospital in colombo. She was referred by Cardiologist Dr Nihal Thenabadu to Lanka Aluminium, Managing Director

Rtn. Dinal Peiris who in turn took up the case with Rotary Gift of Life Project of the India at New Delhi.

The child is recuperating in the ICU when I visited her and taken this photos this morning while on my way back home (Cochin Kerala) from Delhi. Due to paucity of time, I could not trace and interact with her father. My apologies for that! She is being well looked after by medical, para medical and GOL team fraternity in Escorts.

Earlier, Gift of Life Trust office visited the child and took a photo (before surgery). The same is also attached.

The travel, surgery cost etc were financed by Rtn Dinal Peiris of

Rotary Club of Colombo (well coordinated by Mr Gamini Nanayakkara

General Manager of Lanka Aluminium), Rotary Club of Cochin Midtown (South India Coordinator of GOL Rtn Dr Sekhar Wariar), Rotary (Delhi NCR) Gift of Life Trust. Rotarian Sharad C. Mohan of Rotary Club of Delhi Midwest coordinated reception at airport, transportation to hospital etc.

We thank Rotary Sri Lanka - Colombo - for giving us this chance for saving life and building peace.

Kind regards,

AC Peter

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