Sunday, December 27, 2009

Yati Maa Dura Water Project

We climed up to the wate sprout where the water tank would be built and the pipe commence to reach the school of Yatimadura. 3 water taps will be installed for children, the school and the Staff.
Water sprout in the hills
Dharme, a villager and me on our way back from the Water sprout

The village paddy rice farmers leave early to the feilds.

The large Tree Fallen on the roof of the School.

Heavy  rain, bad roads made the trip to Yatimadura very difficult but the sad news is the only school they have had been damaged by a fallen tree on the roof of the school. Now highest priority is the do the roof of the school before starts in January 2010.
Dharme and Lilani our contacts in the village took us to the site where we plan to build a tank and lay the piple line up to the school. I saw the sprout from where the water is coming to the school but now there is nothing at all at the sprout everything is broken, so the items needed were bought including the School roof and arrange it to be transported to the school. Work will commence and be compleated within the next 3 weeks.

Our contact person in Yati Madura Dharme who is an ex serviceman retrired due to an injury by a land mine. (26th Dec, 2009)

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