Thursday, June 4, 2009

The IDP Relief Project of The Rotary Club of Colombo

While The Sri Lankan armed forces have succeeded in defeating the terrorist campaign, which attempted to divide the country based on ethnic lines, many innocent people who were caught up in the conflict used as human shields (hostages), remain injured, separated from their families, homeless and displaced. The Rotary Club of Colombo is part of a coordinated District wide effort to provide relief to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP). We have decided to call this “the IDP Relief Project”. The Rotary Club Of Colombo is raising funds to provide relief to the IDP’s any amount will be welcome.

Cheques could be drawn in favor of ‘Rotary Club of Colombo”.
HSBC AC No: 011-433333-001
24 Sir Baron Jayatillake Mawatha
Colombo 1.
Sri Lanka

Direct or Foreign Donations also could be sent to this account.
On the reverse side of the cheque please endorse “IDP Project” and send it to
Treasurer Mukesh Advani
Innovative Technologies,
1st Floor, Dart Freight Centre,
260, Sri Ramanathan Mawatha
Colombo 15

Children Our Focus
The focus of our Club is on the children- On recommendations from counselors and rehabilitation specialists we were advised to provide occupational relief by way of a school pack, made up of assorted exercise books, pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, crayons. As you know education is one of the most important aspects of a child’s life. Providing the means to develop writing at this time is critical. In addition to it was suggested to keep the children occupied with recreational sports. We will therefore provide sports equipment made up of soccer balls, volley ball sets, cricket sets, carom and draughts boards.

The School Pack is made up of
6 Nos. 80 page Single Side Ex. Books.
6 Nos. 120 pages Single Side Ex. Books
1 No. CR Book 1 Quire
3 Nos. Blue Ball point Pens.
3 Nos. Lead Pencils.
1 No. Pencil Sharpener.
1 No. Eraser
1 No. Drawing Book 40 leaves
1 Set Colour pencils

The Recreational items include

Soccer balls
Volley balls with nets
Cricket bats and soft ball (tennis)
Carom Boards
Draughts Boards.
Contact E Mail: Ranil Pieris []

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