Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas 2015 Empire Towers

5th Decff, 2015 at Empire Towers Colombo we had our annual Christmas Party Organizing committee Rtn. Dinal, Upeka,  Mohammed, Sarav, Kumudu and many others.

It was a fun filled event Fellowship, Good Food Carols, Music and Dance.

GE Senake and Rukie

Lasndhi adn Sankha

Some beauties

Governor George and Evangeline


Ranjinie and Nimal- Tylin

Yamani and Tylin



Shanaz and Yamini

Gyathri with Somes

Gulam with Sherly

Pubudu With Friends

PDG Imran with Krish

Nihal with  IPP Hash

Vice President Somes with PP Rajiv

Sec. Sarav with Azmath

Shanaz, Yamini, Pubudu and  Ranjini with Laurel

Pubudu and Rangika with Krish R



Carols by the Rotarians

Yamini with Rohan

Kumudu with Maha

Mohammed, Rajiv and Azad

Jeo Stevens from Florida


Laurel, Yamani and Rohan

Mohammed, Rajiv and Azar

Migara and Asgi

Hash and Rohan

Sri with a Guest

Beautiful Vidya

Yamini, Duraiyyah and Shanaz

 Krish and Senake

Vidya, Lalani and Dushyanthi

Anusha and Rukmani

Rangika and Mazeena

Guest with Gayathri

Shirley and Gulam

PDG Krish, DG George and Upali

Shanthi, Yasmin and Tylin

Avangeline Pubudu and Sue with Ranjani

Miss Alwis

PDG Tissa and PDG Imran

Imarn with Maha

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Beemani from NDB Asset Management

If you did not attend this meeting I am sorry you have missed one of the best explation about the Current Finacial Trends were describle by Beemani Meepagala

Rotary International